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Well known for his lighting, detail oriented and earthly textural images, and patient problem-solving nature. Anders Beier is educated commercial photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark with strong traditions for design and minimalistic imagery. His mentor shot cosmetics and the feel, creativity, attention to detail and lighting is very persistent in Anders Beier’s current style. International clients like Hélèna Rubinstein, Christian Dior, Gio D´Armani.

In his childhood, Anders was dreaming of making film, making skateboard movies, music videos on his Amiga for graphics and editing on two VHS machines. He was brought up on a small island in the middle of the baltic sea, urging for change and inspiration after highschool he was a “runner” for movie productions in Copenhagen, and wanted to attend the cinematography school, until a cinematographer sugested photography school. Only 20 students every year and with his 1 month old portfolio was accepted. Timing and talent. After 5 years of photography school he was in the States working as a commercial photographer. Longing home he started Anders Beier Photography in Copenhagen. But missing something he found the inspiration, and creativity on the small island, full circle, and proud farther of 2 girls. Returning to Bornholm.

Anders Beier is very much alive here and have national as well as international customers from his studio or travelling. Together with a very talented foodstylist Sune Rasborg he wrote a book about local food, and right now the book is top 3 in gourmand worlds best photography cookbook award 2016.


Ready, set, GO !!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, but I’ve been extremely busy. Sad to say that I have not quite there for some, but so proud to say that Im done taking photos for my second book, together with Sune Rasborg. Bornholm – folk, fæ og flere...

ISABELLAS – country liv

Featured in Danish Magazine – ISABELLAS “BORNHOLM – in their own kitchen The Gastronomy on Bornholm is really marking the spot. Kadeau Bornholm received a michelin star, and now the cookbook Bornholm – folk, fæ og foodies just received 3rd...

Gourmand Best in the world Photography cookbook 2015 award

Im really proud to announce that I just received the Gourmand World best photography cookbook 2015 award 3rd place. The book, won in Denmark, then got 3rd place in the world. The food stylist Sune Rasborg and I went to Yantai, China to the award show, and met a lot of...

Featured at the phoblographer

Photographer Anders Beier is an absolutely fantastic and inspirational food photographer that has been shooting for many years now. He’s started something called the sustainable food photo competition and has worked with various companies to make it larger and grow...

2015 – thoughts on climbing up the latter

2015 Was indeed a great year for me on several stages. I Got contacted by the set designer from the Netflix series “RITA” that really liked my pictures, and wanted Huge prints to use on set.  So much fun to see your work in a different way. Then Sune...

Featured artist at agency access

Anders Beier is featured artist on the Instagram account for Agency Access, tab along to see what Im up to this week 🙂 Meetings, photography, studio, behind the scenes, and more.. Happy New year everyone!...

Some of my favourites from the book

Here is some o my favourite pictures from the book – “Bornholm – Folk, fæ og foodies” We are now in progress of making book number 2. Hope to learn more about the island we live on, and meet interesting people in the process. We are featured in...