Featured in UK magazine “ROOT + BONE”

Anders Beier, world award winning food photographer featured in UK magazine "ROOT+BONE" really proud photographer from Bornholm Just want to keep you a little updated. While working on big future projects - I'll have to keep you in the dark for a couple of...


TORVEHAL BORNHOLM An old Slaughter house in Rønne is the place for new and old produce of Bornholm. The Slaughter house is a fine setting for all the small produce such as : Stigs Oliven, Hallegård, Ostehjørnet, Svaneke Chokolade, Nord snaps by Rie Uldal, and many...

OUR THANKYOU SPEECH at World Gourmand cook book award

soo proud Anders Beier - foodphotographer, and Sune Rasborg - foodstylist made this Book on the local produce and restaurants on Bornholm. Last year they won 3rd in the world for best photography, but this year they elevated to "special award of the jury" "This is a...

2nd Time winner in Worlds best Gourmand cookbook award

In 2017 at Gourmand cookbook award my second book with co-author Sune Rasborg, we won Prestige award " special award of the jury" "This is a beautiful effort to help the local food culture and image. The same team won an award last year. There can be only...

Ready, set, GO !!

It's been a while since I have posted anything, but I've been extremely busy. Sad to say that I have not quite there for some, but so proud to say that Im done taking photos for my second book, together with Sune Rasborg. Bornholm - folk, fæ og flere foodies or in...

ISABELLAS – country liv

Featured in Danish Magazine - ISABELLAS "BORNHOLM - in their own kitchen The Gastronomy on Bornholm is really marking the spot. Kadeau Bornholm received a michelin star, and now the cookbook Bornholm - folk, fæ og foodies just received 3rd place in the international...

Stories from Bornholm for Gastro magazine

Anders Beier took pictures for the Magazine "Gastro" We meet the herb finding expert on Bornholm that shows us how to find, gather and use wild herbs. Provianten in Gudhjem, the place to enjoy oysters and buy fine wine, and the new chef in town form Stammershalle. The...

Gourmand Best in the world Photography cookbook 2015 award

Im really proud to announce that I just received the Gourmand World best photography cookbook 2015 award 3rd place. The book, won in Denmark, then got 3rd place in the world. The food stylist Sune Rasborg and I went to Yantai, China to the award show, and met a lot of...

Featured at the phoblographer

Photographer Anders Beier is an absolutely fantastic and inspirational food photographer that has been shooting for many years now. He’s started something called the sustainable food photo competition and has worked with various companies to make it larger and grow...

2015 – thoughts on climbing up the latter

2015 Was indeed a great year for me on several stages. I Got contacted by the set designer from the Netflix series "RITA" that really liked my pictures, and wanted Huge prints to use on set.  So much fun to see your work in a different way. Then Sune Rasborg ( food...

It’s been fun

For a week I was featured artist at agency access instagram account

Featured artist at agency access

Anders Beier is featured artist on the Instagram account for Agency Access, tab along to see what Im up to this week 🙂 Meetings, photography, studio, behind the scenes, and more.. Happy New year everyone!...

Some of my favourites from the book

Here is some o my favourite pictures from the book - "Bornholm - Folk, fæ og foodies" We are now in progress of making book number 2. Hope to learn more about the island we live on, and meet interesting people in the process. We are featured in DAT's inflight magazine...

Mød Sune og Anders på Bornholms madkulturhus Gaarden

Vi kommer til Bornholms nye madkulturhus og forklarer om at skrive bogen - Bornholm folk, fæ og foodies. Desuden byder vi på en lille snack og fortæller om hvordan man med få virkemidler kan få sine madbilleder til at ligne noget.   Sune Rasborg og Anders Beier...


Bornholm - Folk, fæ og foodies At the Danish Gourmet competition "Sol over gudhjem" Sune Rasborg, Thomas Rode and me. We signed a great deal of books, met a lot of wonderful people. Since the release of our book its been hectic. Finally have some time to keep...

birk magazine

WHAT ? Finally done with the Ipad magazine. Download for free in itunes, just search for birk or please visit the website birkmagazine.com Interview with Chorus grant, plade Bent, Thilde Lerche Engstrøm, Salomon Hammer trial, and a recipe from Sune Rasborg.. all this...


Så er sæson 3 af RITA skudt igang. Og Jeg har leveret billeder i KÆMPE størrelse til serien.. Fedt at se ens egne billeder i brug på en helt anden måde. RITA's skole er udsmykket med 3 portrætter taget på Bornholm. se dem evt. her Vil I ha taget et portræt i RITA stil...


        Snapshots from 1 out of many shoots while shooting for Sune Rasborgs and my book. Its going to be a book about the Bornholm food culture and recipes from many dishes. The book is to be released in June 2015, and looking forward to...


Im proud to be featured in the showcase magazine from "Production Paradise" PRODUCTION PARADISE SHOWCASE see the showcase here  Promoting the world's best - creativity and services. 12,018 creative talents and services from 122 countries listed 144,367 images...


Per Sommer, A local artist with passion for the nordic underworld. Inspired me to make this session and branding in co-work with Engelke Toklum (art director) Look at my Bechance portfolio at or at Per Sommer website where pictures, film, and the website is made...

NEXO – Denmark

Nexo Denmark - With a great new design for 2015. Check it out at a local watch dealer or at his website nexo-denmark.com The idea was actually inspired by where Martin (the founder of Nexo) was when I got the assignment, he was on Greenland.. I had a hard time getting...


Yesterday I shot the new front cover for Bornholmtours 2015, and on the way home from the shoot I just stopped by the little old fisher village called Helligpeder, with the best sundown in weeks. For all the technical freaks out there, it s HDR 9 files and exposure...


Kære alle. SE ARLA FILM HER Tak for et fantastisk folkemøde 2014. Kroppen er så langsomt ved at komme sig, ovenpå mange timers optagelser. Mit mobile studie virkede fantastisk, og tusind tak for hjælp til opagaverne fra Kim Thurman (fotograf) Henrik Hoeg (klipper...


The new catalogue just landed on the madam stoltz website. All the pictures you see is made by andersbeier.com. The company continues to grow and the expectations with it. Im proud to be a part of the team. http://madamstoltz.dk/catalogue/CatalogAutumn2014/index.html...

Folkemøde 2014

The welcome video for all participants for the big political festival at Bornholm made by Anders Beier. All the important politicians from Denmark, attend the meet at Bornholm, and many companies, and organisations. 2013 there was 500 organisations with 1300 events,...


MUJI International Design company "MUJI" have ordered 2000 pieces of the old design from HJORT, it has been in production since 1920. And now its been photographed by Anders Beier Photography. Look at the article here (in...


Anders Beier Photography made all the pictures for NEXO Denmark watches. The combination of clean product-shots and the black and white image pictures from Bornholm.


  • Homemade pasta - got to love it !
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foodstyling : @sune_rasborg 
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  • This is summer 2017, not that many summerdays, lets hope 2018 is better..
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  • At the studio with @sune_rasborg and @thorstein.robert.nielsen making some scallops and lumpfish. practicing food moviemaking and local paper article

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  • This is from the book “Bornholm - Baltic Beasts, Bohos and Beauty” 
Love the colours in this shot of a fish dish. 
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#foodstyling @sune_rasborg 
represented by @curated_artists #newyork

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