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My photography studio is optimized for shoots with build in kitchen, high seelings, elevated floors, relaxing area, and a good atmosphere in a creative environtment. I share the studio with my wife who is a graphic designer at our joint venture MIRU a small advertising agency. And our self published magazine Visual Bornholm – yearly distrubuted in 50.000 copies for the turist visiting our lovely island Bornholm. I have equipment for both stills and motion, lights and cameras – for specific equipment please contact me for further information. I have setup the studio so that it can be used for in person use – or remote photography so you can enjoy the feeling from the comfort of your home or office. This is very useful for alot of my international clients.


Calling all artdirectors – long distance. I have made it easy for you to follow along in the studio and during the shoot. So, if you desire my service for creative work and photography it is now possible to have face to face conversations during the shoot just like you where physically here.

studio 2 Bornholm


Many of my clients are using the unique location Bornholm to create stunning images. The perfect location for great light and very diverse settings within a very few squarekilometers. Bornholm is an island the follow the seasons, so the look and feel is very scandinavian, furthermore the locations are very diverse, and can offer sandy beaches, deep forests, rocks and cliffs. Also used for idyllic old towns, harbours or historical buildings from the vikings and medievals all the way up to the current architecture. The only thing that really isn’t available is the metropolis or big city environment.

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