commercial photography by Anders Beier


Classic commercial photography is not always about perfect lighting and colors, its about the idea. I will go the extra mile to find the perfect setting to make the picture and product extra noteworthy and stand out from the crowd.


Video and motion is the best way to get noticed on social media – and I combine my photography experience and the estetics with motion.

Coverphoto of Bornholm cookbook


cookbooks and editorial photography of food is a art in it self, but also really main stream witch Im trying to challenge. The book : Bornholm, Beauty, Beast, and Bohos won several international awards, especially proud of the Gourmand cookbook award – best photography

food creative by Anders Beier


Food creative, is my diffenition of the food picture but with a distinct idea. I like simplistic, graphical and earthbound colors to make it authentic.

wild distillery still life photography


Drinks and beverage photography is one of the hardest nieches in the industry – because it is often combining glas, and liquid. I love playing with both, to get the perfect light and trying to control the uncontrolable.

Mie Mølgaard still life photography by Anders Beier


Still life is what painters back in the day used as an exercise for getting texture, light and shape right. Photographers have used this term in the same way. For me the exercise is essential and can be used for alot of different products and creates great value.

People photography by Anders Beier Photography


I take pictures of people with the story in mind, and use lighting to empathize it. As in every aspect of my photography, the idea is important and I strive to find solutions that supports the idea.

Product photography


I take great pride in making product photography, I do NOT use classic light tents or other easy to use means, but I look at the product and light it with passion to reflect the texture, and shape. this will without a doubt feel more natural and will look professional and sell your product even better


Landscape is probably the most accessible form of photography, it gives me a personal outlet and inspiration for studio pictures


It is always great to see things from another perspective, and what drones have provided me, is remarkable. I am a certified drone pilot and it alows me to get creative pictures both for personal use and commercial